Our Story

Formation of Everest Lounge was an experiment, in which people from different walks of life came together.

The experiment was initiated with a single purpose of combining culinary from different countries, regions and different cultures to provide a true fusion into the mainstream fine dining. A golden thread of a strong desire for wanting to offer a much-personalised service is what brought us together into this experiment. At the inception of its concept, it was very clear to us that the destination wasn’t about 'financial success'. This was always going to be the journey about how we grew the Everest Lounge Family together.


Opening a restaurant right in the middle of the worst pandemic in generations was never going to be an easy journey. Yet we never volunteered for an easy ride and we were never going to cut the corners. We started with our ambition of connecting with the local food community by offering varieties of authentically prepared fresh Nepalese, Tibetan and Indian spiced dishes. It was never about being transactional but about sharing the knowledge of cultural and ethnic reference to the food that we serve.

"Delicious takeaway from fantastic Everest Lounge. All of the dishes tasted amazing. Would highly recommend and will definitely be ordering again!"

- Matthew T. (January 2021)

The experiment was about wanting to position ourselves as having a unique product in such a competitive and crowded market. We therefore, had to redefine the uniqueness.


"Fabulous takeaway. Food was delicious. It was delivered quickly and the lovely staff were so helpful. I think it’s the best Indian food in Market Harborough."

- Marianne M (January. 2021)

Our Chefs have always believed in cookery as an art that required passion, instinct and an eye for the taste. We asked them to stretch their creativity to introduce a typical but authentic Nepalese and Tibetan home culinary into mainstream. We successfully introduced Vegetable Bara, the Newari Pancake. Newar or Nepami are the historical inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley and its surrounding areas in Nepal. We brought Tibetan Seekh Kabab, and Tibetan Noodle to our menu and offered our best seller 'Momo', the Nepalese dumplings. Momo was initially a Newari food in the Kathmandu Valley. It was later introduced to Tibet, China and as far away as Japan by a Nepalese prince who was married to a Tibetan King in the late fifteenth century. 

The introduction of home culinary from the tiny Himalayan Kingdom is always a challenge, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic. We knew that! The creation of our popular menu now inevitably went through 'trial and error'. But we had a purpose, an idea and overwhelming desire to master the flavours of Nepal, Tibetan and India’s aromatic herbs, spices and other ingredients, both in traditional ways that our customers were accustomed to and equally contemporary senses that tease individual taste buds.

“I never usually write reviews but the food was soooooo delicious I felt I had to spread the word! All the courses were phenomenal (I tried everyone else's on my table too)”

- Emma M (October 2020)

It gives me immense pleasure to note the warm support and many reviews we have received from our customers and the local community to the journey that began with simply an idea. Their recommendation on The Best of Market Harborough, on our Social Media and TripAdvisor has offered us vitally important stepping stones throughout our aim to become the best restaurant in Market Harborough. We have not always got it right, but when we get it wrong we are open and honest about it. We accept these 'wrongs' have offered important lessons to help us improve, so we simply embrace them. 

We have also made sure we listen to any concerns, we are sympathetic to them and very sincere in dealing with them because it matters to us. For us, 'hospitality' is not just an abstract idea; it is a holistic experience with excellent environment, friendly service and great menu choices. We do our best to create an atmosphere for you so that we can grow together our Everest Lounge Family.


Pradip Karanjit


"Laughter is brightest where the food is"

A highly confident and motivated Director of Operations by profession, who brings years of experience in Healthcare Management. I bring significant experience in management and customer care into the hospitality Industry. My experience in the restaurant industry comprises an eventful year which dates back to 1998. The bulk of hospitality experience was gleaned during my university time, where I started working as a part-time waiter and progressed to become F&B/Duty Manager.

I developed a sense for good tasty food from my early days of childhood where was exposed to culturally reach diverse home culinary. Though my cooking skills are limited to home culinary, I have an eye for detail & sense for quality food. Everest Lounge is an experiment where I have combined management experience with a deeply rooted taste of home culinary. I am privileged to be supported by highly experienced Chefs and the management team.